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 Complex Trauma 

You show up as a shell of who you are. You have created a personality that allows you to show up just as others need, while hiding everything inside. 


You hold fears of sharing your truth, because you want to remain "strong" and "together" and not burden those you love with your experiences or hurt. 


Maybe you have taught yourself to get through it by focusing outward because it's too hard to feel what is within. 


Or you come from a culture that is rooted in resilience and you feel disconnected from vulnerability.

Trauma hinders us from living the best quality of life, showing up unexpected and creating ripples in our world.


I want to open my space to you, to offer compassion, understanding and healing through processing, sharing your truth, reclaiming your power and collaborative ways of therapy that we come up with together. 

Inter Generational Perseverance 

As a child, you inherit trauma that was never yours to carry, you hold family secrets, and you operate from conditioned behaviors that were taught to you. You mimic what is around you and the behavior of those who came before you. 


As a teen, it's hard to connect with others. You don't get close to many, and your trust is hard to come by. You feel more responsible than your age, and carry feelings that were taught to you but are not authentic of you.


Generational trauma affects internal messages, belief systems of self and others, the way we cope with and heal from trauma. As you grow into an adult these ways of thinking, doing and being  often are not authentic to who you are, and how you want to move forward in life. 

Let's work together, to break these patterns, learn new and healthier coping skills, remove responsibility to others and prioritize self. 

Life After Sobriety 

You felt like getting sober was the hard part, but now your discovering that life after sobriety may not be as easy as you thought. You're sitting in the midst of social anxiety, repairing relationships, learning yourself and others from a whole new lens. 


You're experiencing feelings you either suppressed or never experienced before.  This can be scary and intimidating and lead you to feel hopeless and alone.


This is your reminder that you are not alone!


I am here with the capacity to hold space for you while you learn and understand this new version of self, to validate your  emotions that arise, to help you learn how to create and sustain meaningful and healthy relationships, and feel connected to life again. 

Couples Therapy

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