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Peace by Piece Counseling was started with the vision of  helping heal generations forward and generations back. I believe as life gets a hold of us it can add pieces that are not always true to us, or ours to carry.


These pieces may come through societal expectations, oppression, trauma, generational patterns, unhealthy relationships and more leading us to live in ways of survival, and conditioned behaviors dimming down the very light we are meant to be in this world.


I offer a space to remove those pieces that were never yours to carry and help find the parts of you that were lost along the way so that you can lead a life more authentic to self- fulfilling, joyful and whole. 


Kiarra Hehn, LMHCA

My name is Kiarra Hehn. I am a licensed mental health counselor servicing WA State. 


I identify as Afro-Indigenous, having been raised heavily influenced by culture  and family systems. I understand the importance of navigating hardships and life with others.


I feel strongly that within each person lies their own ability to heal themselves and that it is the human experience to need reflection, reminding and reclaiming to pull this source to our forefront. 


I have seen within my own life and those surrounding me that all parts of a person (mind, body and spirit) pertain to their quality of life as a whole and  I approach therapy with a holistic system.

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Desert Mountains
Individual Therapy
Teens/ Emerging Adults
Women of Color 

I offer individual sessions with age groups 14+. I strive to offer an environment that helps to create feelings of safety, creative outlets and validates life experiences to lessen feelings of isolation. I believe in holding space while you sort through uncomfortable and unfamiliar feelings and process events that have affected you. My goal is to offer healthier ways of coping with life, creating boundaries and honoring authenticity. 

I love working with teens and emerging adults. I feel this can be a challenging stage where guidance lessens but expectations increase. Due to societal standards, there is an emphasis placed on these years to have life figured out in ways that aren't always realistic to each  individual, and can be even harder because this stage is all about learning self. I would love to work with you and help bridge the gap between support, guidance and room for trial and error while learning your way in life. 

Because I have traveled this world as a woman of color. I understand the obligations, expectations, obstacles and hardships you may carry. I hope to allow my office as a place of refuge, where you can rest and be tended to in the ways you often tend to those surrounding you. Have the freedom to understand and express what you have experienced and continue to experience. Show up for yourself and allow me to show up for you as well. 

I offer free 20 minute consultation calls to see if my approach aligns with your needs. Contact me with the form below or at 253-409-7413

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